Who am I?

Yes - that's me ;-)

So you want to know something about me? Then you came to the right shop.
I was born on 27th day of October in 1976 in Poznan.
As I figured out later... I had a brother... He was born a year before me...
Later on... my parents decided (did they really?) to have another child...
My younger brother (they wanted to have a girl at last) is four years younger than me
My childhood was a fable but it was long time ago, so I don't really remember that period.
We (me and my family) lived in Suchy Las (lovely place) until I was 10...
Then we moved to Kozieglowy which is kind of like a suburb of Poznan
When we came to Kozieglowy I started to play accordion
I wanted to become a musician... My parents paid a lot of money for my lessons...
I did my best, but fortunately when I was 14 I turned to something else...
It was rowing... I started to row together with my older brother...
Soon it turned out, that I'm quite good at it...
Anyway - until I finished 18 rowing was all my life...
But one day I decided to pay a little more attention to my school...
It was Technikum Lacznosci in Poznan at the time.
The trouble was that I couldn't share my energy between sport and studies
so finally I gave up rowing and decided to become a wise man...
When I was 19 I finished my school and got admission to Poznan University of Technology
I studied Electronics and Telecommunication at PUT
In the summer of 2000 I was a counselor at Kamp Kiwanis in the USA - that was a lot of fun!
At camp I worked with people with special needs as well as inner-city children from difficult families
In the summer of 2001 I came to the US again for 15 months long internship.
I lived in Troy, NY and I worked for IEM in Albany.
While working at IEM - I learned a lot - that was actually my first real job!
I was responsible for writing software for the main chip of the camera we were developing.
After coming back from the US in fall of 2002 I got back to my school to complete my MSEE degree.
In my Master's Thesis I was working on Directional Filtration Algorithm for Speech.
In a nutshell - I implementied a directional filtration algorithm on TMS320C6711DSK platform.
I also designed and built a daughter-card for C6711DSK based on ADS8364 multichannel A2D.
On 31st of October 2003 I defended my Masters Thesis and now I'm officially a MSEE holder!
If you are an employer searching for embedded/DSP engineer please do let me know and I'll send you my resume.
If you want to make sure how enthusiastic I am about working with C6000 DSPs from TI
check my answers to people's problems on yahoo c6x group: c6x yahoo group.
Oh - by the way - I'm also the moderator of that yahoo group ;-)
After my graduation in October 2003 I worked a couple of months for Durr in Stuttgart, Germany.
Durr is building paint shops for car manufacturers all over the world.
The job was a bit boring, but I had a chance to meet some really nice people and learn a couple of german words ;-)
Then in the end of April 2004 I got a job as "test and test development engineer" at Hunt Engineering.
In the beginning of May 2004 I moved to Taunton, Somerset UK - lovely town ;-)
Apart from work I had the time to get into motorbikes!
I even passed the motorbike test and got the Bike Driving Licence! Now I can legally ride any bike I want!
At the end of September 2004 I had to change jobs again! I moved back to Poland.
In October 2004 I started to work as Embedded Software Engineer for ADB in Zielona Gora.
In February 2005 I moved to Lodz, where I started to work as Embedded Software Engineer for Teleca.
During my employment in Teleca - I spent 3 months in Paris working for Teleca France.
In June 2006 I quit Teleca and moved to Taiwan.
On 29th of June - something very important happened in my personal life. I got married!